Q & A



Q.   What Training do the carers have?

A.    All staff will be trained as a minimum to the Level 2 Certificate in Health and Social Care which includes Food Hygiene, First Aid, Safeguarding, Health and Safety, Moving and Handling, Principles of Diversity, Managing Medication. More specific training is undertaken as required and further training is encouraged and supported.


Q.   How will the carers get into my house?

A.   Fitting a key safe is advisable not only for the carers but other callers at the discretion of the client i.e. family and emergency services. The combination is kept in a secure file and only given to the carer who will be visiti


Q.   How do I arrange care?

A.   Either call us or fill in the contact form on the website and we will contact you to arrange a visit. There is no charge or obligation for such a visit.


Q.  What happens at the first visit?

A.   The initial visit is an information gathering visit. We will discuss what type of support you are looking for and how we can meet your requirements. We will give information about charges, our policies and procedures and answer any questions about how the service works. If you decide that you wish to proceed we will come back for a further visit where we will draw up a personalised care plan. The care plan is centred round your requirements and preferences and will detail the support you want us to provide. The care plan is a vital part of the process and our staff are trained to act only and fully in accordance with the care plan. The care plan will be reviewed regularly or if there is a change in circumstances or at your request.  Any agreed changes will be made to the care plan and implemented as soon as possible.


Q.   Do I have to tell the carers what to do? I don’t like to give orders.

A.   The staff are trained to adhere to the care plan so you do not need to tell them what to do. However, if they are preparing a meal for you they will offer you a choice where possible.


Q.   Will I know who the staff are?

A.    Yes. Your carers will be introduced to you.  Our staff will be wearing a uniform with the Wetherby Home Care logo and identity badges with their picture, name and staff number which you are welcome to check at any time.


Q.   What if I don’t like my carer?

A.    Every effort is made to match carers to clients but if you are unhappy for any reason please contact Julie Brady the Registered Manager, (her contact details are in the Care Plan) she will resolve the problem to your satisfaction.


Q.   What happens if I have a complaint?

A.   A copy of the complaints procedure is in the care plan with all the relevant contact details. Wetherby Home Care have rigid procedures in place to ensure that complaints are taken seriously , properly and fairly investigated and that you are kept informed of the outcome. We look to learn from our mistakes.

Feedback of all kinds from our clients is welcome and will be used to further enhance our service in the future.


Q.   How do I pay?

A.    You will be invoiced fortnightly and payment should be made within 14 days. A standing order should be set up unless otherwise agreed.


Q.   How much will I pay?

A.   A list of charges will be given to you at the initial meeting. The duration of visits will be detailed in the care plan. The minimum length of visit is 30 minutes.


Q .   How much notice should be given to cancel a visit or to terminate the service?

A.    24 hours notice should be given to cancel a visit. To terminate the service 1 weeks notice is required. In the event of hospitalisation or death , service will be charged for up to and including the last visit.